Buying with Igomove Auction

Buying at Igomove Auction is EASY

You don’t have to be an experienced investor! Igomove Auctions have been set up to make buying at auction great again! As of late we have noticed that the number of properties brought to auction have dwindled. This is due to very high buyer’s premium fees. Some buyer’s fees are as high as £6000 and can price a property out of the market. At Igomove Auction we plan to change this and the stigma surrounding auctions at the moment with a much cheaper auction fee that won’t put any potential buyers off but give the buyer piece of mind knowing that they have secured this property at a fair price with a fair fixed fee and that timescales are in place to complete within a set time, and they won’t be gazumped!  

Buying at Igomove Auction isn’t just for investors looking for their next project! Homeowners can use our site to buy knowing that they have an extended completion time frame of up to 56 days, this allows buyers to purchase with a mortgage!


Our fee is £2,500 plus VAT to be paid up front by the buyer. This fee not only secures the property but ensures commitment to the seller from the buyer. The buyer’s commitment to the sale will ensure that the sale will be complete within the 56-day time frame which increases the completion part of properties sold and also protects the buyer from being gazumped, a big issue in a traditional sale. 

We will provide an auction pack which is all the vital information needed to purchase a property, please read through all the documents, this will help you make the correct decision before proceeding.

You can place an offer for any of our auction properties via this auction site 24/7. All bids are up to date and completely transparent. This gives all potential buyers the best and fairest opportunity to buy their perfect property.

Starting bid and reserve price

Please note that the property is subject to an undisclosed reserve price which is usually no more than 10% higher than the starting bid, the starting bid and reserve price can both be subject to change, due terms and conditions apply to the suction.

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